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"Thanks Glitnir for providing us with a cost effective,  comprehensive and easy to use ticketing solution - what  we expected plus a lot more.  Your flexibility with our  requirements and your willingness to work with us to give  us what we want have made the difference.  The added  functionality such as selling all tickets and even travel for  away games coupled with the ability to provide  Universities and Schools with their own portal to sell  tickets on our behalf have been a real bonus.  But above  all it has been the attitude of your staff which has helped  make the process so enjoyable and totally satisfactory."  Denis Lee - I.T. & Systems, Exeter City FC 
“Thank you for all the help you and your colleagues  have given us in setting up the new ticketing and  shop systems. You have consistently provided a  high level of service and are always available to  discuss any questions we have and to quickly find  solutions to any problems. Your patience and hard  work is much appreciated.”   Commercial Manager, Cheltenham Town FC
"What a success! We have just completed our first game  using your new Priority Ticketing functions which has  enabled us to sell tickets online for a local derby for the  first time with total confidence and quota control.  This  has taken a huge pressure off the box-office and - most  importantly - kept security costs to a minimum.  The  Glitnir System provided the ability to prioritise ticket  purchases by Gold, Silver and Bronze Members in  stages over a three week period and this has proved very  popular with our fans.  I'm now looking forward to the FA  Cup where for the first time we can offer season ticket  holders the chance to buy their normal seat online and  save queueing at the box-office."   Andy Gillard - Operations Manager, Exeter City FC 
What I love about Glitnir is that they are always there for  us.  If we have a complication on a Saturday night at  7:00, they have it fixed by 7:10.  They understand the  needs that we have & when we have difficult questions  they are always willing to help us find a solution that  works for both of us.  Vern Stenman, GM, Madison Mallards, Northwoods  League
The partnership we have with Glitnir is one of, if not, the  strongest we have.  Our comfort level with the Glitnir  team in communicating and working on Glitnir’s CRM  module is unparalleled.  Knowing that Glitnir is  constantly upgrading the system for ease of transaction  on the back end for our employees without losing sight  of helping us take care of our fans is irreplaceable.  The  Glitnir staff is always accessible and willing to listen to  our suggestions and needs in order for us to be more  efficient as we continue to adapt to the ever changing  landscape of ticket sales, data entry and customer  service.  Dave Echols, GM, Charleston RiverDogs (Class A  Affiliate, New York Yankees)
The Glitnir Ticketing System has significantly upgraded  our ability to do a better job of selling tickets to our  games, and better yet, the system offers our fans a user  friendly and detailed experience when it comes to  purchasing tickets online via the internet.  We have  definitely experienced the benefits of using the system  and highly recommend others teams and venues to do  the same. Steve Gliner, GM, Fort Myers Miracle (Class A  Affiliate, Minnesota Twins) 
From the beginning the working relationship between our  club and Glitnir has been smooth and supportive.  They  understand baseball ticketing functions and have met our  specific needs to maintain a smooth transition from our  previous system.  I have always felt Glitnir’s staff is  looking out for the best needs of the Barnstormers, and do  what is necessary to make the system work for us.  The  system is user friendly for both staff and customers alike.  The most significant improvement to the Lancaster  Barnstormers organization since implementing Glitnir  Ticketing has been in the Online Sales – which improved  36% during year one.  Finally the Glitnir support team is  always willing to take the time to train users, anytime the  need arises.  Maureen Wheeler, Ticket Operations Manager,  Lancaster Barnstormers 
The Glitnir Ticketing System is the most complete and  comprehensive system available on the market today.  In  addition to providing superb ticketing software, the Glitnir  system also supports many critical aspects of our  business beyond ticketing and then combines it all into  one integrated package.  Eben Yager, GM, Hudson Valley Renegades (Class A  Affiliate, Tampa Bay Rays) 
We have a tremendous walk-up crowd here in  Charleston and Glitnir Ticketing provided a “Quick Sale”  feature that significantly reduced the amount of time our  customers had to wait in line.  Glitnir Ticketing is always  available and is always responsive to all of our needs –  all of the time. Jake Terrell, Sales Manager, Charleston RiverDogs  (Class A Affiliate, NY Yankees) 
"Two things set Glitnir apart from other ticketing systems; the attention paid to us as their customer and their  comprehensive, affordable ticketing system. Within a day  of our first demo the Glitnir staff had taken our  suggestions and customized their system for the benefit  of all their clients!  Their representatives are readily  accessible and understand ticketing from the ground up.   This access and understanding leads to our needs being  met. But the deciding factor for us was the one-stop-  shop that Glitnir Ticketing provides at an unbelievable  cost savings.  The inclusion of a CRM system, a  customizable email component and customer friendly  ticketing system allows us to maximize our time as a  sales staff.  Managing our sales load via their web based  system allows us to access our client and sales  information from virtually any computer.  We were and  remain thrilled at the flexibility Glitnir’s system offers our  sales staff to service our customers!"   Rob Gardenhire, Ticket Sales and Marketing  Manager, Tulsa Drillers (Class AA Affiliate, Colorado  Rockies) 
"Glitnir Ticketing has proven to be so much more than  just a ticketing company.  They are a true partner deeply  invested in our success as an organization and to that  end have been overly responsive to our needs.  Never  has there been a time that it took more than a day to  return a phone a call and in all cases there answers to  our ticketing needs has never been we can’t, but let’s  make it work.  Their advanced CRM capabilities  combined with a constant flow of innovative ideas has  kept us ahead of trends in the marketplace, which has  resulted in improved online sales, and allowed us to  better prospect and close group and season ticket  leads." Brad Sexton, VP and Ticket Sales, Greenville Drive  (Class A Affiliate, Boston Redsox) 
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"We were keen to sign up with Glitnir for the  additional functionality it offered us such as being  able to give our fans a user friendly way of picking  their seats online without having to visit the club or  go through a long winded telephone conversation.   But we have been blown away by the ever present  support from Glitnir staff. Whilst I love the self-  service capability of the system, they are always  there keeping an eye on what I'm doing, making  positive suggestions where possible and giving me  the confidence that everything is in great shape  leaving me more time to address the many other  things on my daily list." Pete Legge, Ticket Office Manager, Torquay  United FC 
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Working with Glitnir during the planning for the  inaugural season at the Uptown Theater was a real  pleasure.  Their professionalism and commitment to  excellence made the initial start up and  implementation of the system easy.  Our customers  enjoy the ability to select their exact seat and the print at home feature.  Elspeth McDonald, Managing Director, Uptown  Theater
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